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Chicago Food and Beverage Distributor

Mega Distribution specializes in providing from nationally recognized brands in food and beverage to smaller manufacturers as well as ethnic food products.

Mega Distribution has started in 2005 as a way to provide products to customers at low cost and manufacturers to different market channels including grocery stores and convenience stores. We have a growing number of national clients as well as smaller local accounts including ethnic stores. Our biggest concentration is on the Hispanic market that is in Chicago and Indiana and have thorough understanding of the important factors that consumers make when looking at products. We provide various different services for manufacturers to inform their target markets.

Product Marketing

In-Store Demos

In store demos are one the best ways to gain traction in specific markets, getting the consumer to try the product and be aware of the brand. It is also a valuable method of getting feedback as well as to what they like and dislike about the product and the price point. We have been providing in-store demos for years now, knowing the key accounts to focus on and provide the necessary labor for the in-store demos. We ensure proper training about the products and that the individuals making the in-store demos can provide a solid and informative demonstration of the product.

Rapid Delivery

We provide rapid delivery services to all of our clients, this means we can provide deliveries in case the product has unexpectedly went out of stock at a location. Our delivery service operates 24/7, preventing long periods of an out of stock product.

Mega Distribution Services

Being a DSD and warehouse distributor gives us valuable insight and understanding of the grocery and convenience store markets. We channel this knowledge towards new products and brands and help manufacturers in placing their products into stores.


Product Design

We have individuals that specialize in different markets and understand what kind of product design would be best for a specific market or a range of markets. We help create product design that catches the eye and informative.



Mega Distribution has a fleet of trucks both dry vans and refrigerated trailers, have the capabilities of distributing as well as storing the products.


Product Testing

It is critical for products to be tested before to ensure that customers are resceptive to it and that the product truly stands out as unique, we have complete anlystists that can setup operate product testing and provide the results and consulting.

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Manufacturers We Represent

Mega Distribution represents a number of different manufacturers in Chicago as well as Chicagoland and other areas in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. The manufacturers range from large nationally recognized to smaller ones.

Contact Us

Phone: (773) 231-7671

Address: 26 West Maple Avenue, Mundelein, IL 60060